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Welcome To The Magic Lamp

You just need to rub the lamp and with a blink of eye you will see a new dimension. Its very simple, isn’t it!

In this fast world, a talking dog will be a huge success and it will not matter, if he is speaking sensible or not. Its not all about the dog and the lamp, its about what bring you here! Let’s find out in various sections and explore where your new dimension is waiting for you. I am just a solid form of energy existing in this time. Transformation is my nature and least wastage is my preference. No hard limits!


At Panjab University Campus, Chandigarh
At Panjab University Campus, Chandigarh

Educational Backbone

One person’s knowledge is everyone’s learning.

I believe in firm knowledge gathering in all aspects. I studied science and maths upto graduation and further on interest basis. Then trends of computer science leads my way and I got masters in computer science from university. Specific areas like artificial intelligence and robotics interests me for practical implementations. Then, money matters got my attention and I dig into economics deeply upto masters level. History and culture knowledge made my left part stronger and made me learn very important lessons from rare times.

At Meshcron Technologies (P)Limited Office
At Meshcron Technologies (P)Limited Office

Business Reflex

Business is my first choice as career and I started with it. I founded three companies and got one registered with Govt. for serious purposes while I was doing my masters in university. I always found laboratory for my theoretical knowledge in competitive market.

Story opens the door and its moral comes in. Business are hands to use.

This world is full of stories but less businesses. We never know which regional story can provide us idea. Without hands we can’t waste our time in stories as world is already full of story tellers. I am interested in creating capable hands for morals.

My Desk

  • Time
  • Energy
  • Action

Equal for everybody and can make biggest differences just by its use. At my desk, I prefer to make best use of it. I believe in two types of time. One which is given equal to all of us on daily basis but we don’t have exactly same life years, so second type  of time is the one which we carry with us every time stored in the form of energy in ourselves. There must be an equilibrium between time and energy at every stage. If you have any one of these with you, you are alive. Just push the button to sync.!

Concentration for me is not only focussing at a point and try to think of something I want to explore. It is more about directing all my knowledge and perceptions towards a magic island known to me as my desk. The magic can bring anything out of it. This is known as transformation and Energy is all about transformation. It can neither be created nor be destroyed but only can be transformed. Every noun in my sentence is energy irrespective the form of its existence and every verb is transformation. My all ideas start from here!

We have cellphone with postpaid sim card with fixed rental but don’t have much talks to make benefit of it. We start talking about worthless things. Being cellphone ‘the energy’ and rental ‘the time’, if we don’t have worthy talks ‘knowledge’ to make best use of everything, we will end up only with second chance as first chance ‘one rental’ is gone. We are always paying. Action is important. Choosing lease method ‘the job’ will make your life easy but you can’t pass it on to your successors. At my desk, Thinking starts!

Feels Good

I am always interested in exploring various fields. These help me feel good at all times. So, I am combination of these skills. These are now regular part of my life. I love travelling, Photography, music and much more.






Chess Player




By meaning Manav represents an individual of Mankind. So purely I belong to human race by name and soul. I have dual code soul. One core is Education or knowledge. This core feeds on education and produce high powered knowledge with ideas. Second core is dedicated to business. It follows trends, always ready to innovate and design something useful. My whole system is power packed with full confidence and deep analysis of our times. Its validity is similar to average human life. So, lets collaborate and run some heavy applications for geared up performance.

Contact Me

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